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This site has been created to bring public awareness to the neglect of the dogs living at Olympic Animal Sanctuary, located in Forks, Washington.

Photo taken by Forks, WA Police Department during investigation.

  Betsy & Rudy - Clearwater Hounds




        Anna & Charlie

Olympic Animal Sanctuar

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 Steve Markwell has made accusations that photographs by volunteers were staged and "cherry picked"; that the photos were taken while he was away. He has said they were "a dishonest, malicious, and personally motivated attack that does not accurately represent the care I give my animals".  (https://yesbiscuit.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/bringing-up-from-the-comments-11/)

Steve Markwell is in both of these pictures that were taken by Forks PD, clearly showing the filth and neglect of the dogs "in his care". He standing next to a crated dog whose bedding is waste soaked straw, with another dog living in a travel crate shoved under the stairway. This is "his care" of the animals.

Will you be their voice and help get them safely rescued from Olympic Animal Sanctuary?

Have questions? Did you send a dog to Olympic Animal Sanctuary? 

Please contact us at:   insideasanctuary@gmail.com

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 WARNING!  Dogs have been suffering for years in horrific conditions at Olympic Animal Sanctuary.  

Dogs are living in filthy conditions, in travel crates, small kennels, and dark rooms inside a metal building that has no heating or cooling. Dogs are fed at most twice a week, are denied daily exercise and fresh air, and regular vet care.

                                            These photos were taken by the Forks Police Department during their investigation.

A dog's life at Olympic Animal Sanctuary is portrayed as wonderful, with the dogs residing at the facility being well cared for.  Photos on this site show the true life of a dog at Olympic Animal Sanctuary, and that reality is much different than the pretty picture that is verbally painted on the organization's website. 

Olympic Animal Sanctuary's expenditures from filed 990's.

When money is being donated by well meaning people, for the care of these animals, but being used for other, less important things like landscaping ($33, 163) and travel ($31,317) combined total for tax years 2010 and 2011.  

 Some of the dogs living at Olympic Animal Sanctuary are considered dangerous, (only 3 on record with Forks PD), while others have been "rescued" by the organization and had few to no issues.   Some are victims of bad laws, others victims of bad owners, bad trainers and the dog fighting world, and now they are all victims of Steve Markwell and Olympic Animal Sanctuary.

No animal should live in such conditions........ 

  They all have names and are all living, breathing, feeling creatures that deserve a healthy life, regular exercise, food, fresh water and a clean place to reside, in a space adequate to house them long term.  There are approximately 160 dogs living in a 5,000 sq. ft.+ facility (with unfinished addition) located on 3/4 of an acre. There are only three fenced yards - one is where the wolf-hybrids are kept outside year round, and the other two generally have dogs living in them.



Thor, and two other dogs, Juno, a Great Dane, and Turk, a Pyrenees mix, share this windowless room that has no direct access to outside for exercise and fresh air.

                      Cookie's bedding is months of urine soaked, feces filled straw.

"Rescued" from living on chains and neglect, the life of the Clearwater Hounds doesn't seem to have improved much.  Photos of them living back in crates 24/7 were captured in the police investigation.

A lawsuit has been filed against Steve Markwell and Olympic Animal Sanctuary for failure to provide adequate and humane care for a dog named Leroy.

Leroy's living conditions at Olympic Animal Sanctuary

Leroy at Olympic Animal Sanctuary

Leroy before Olympic Animal Sanctuary

Did, what we perceive as veiled threats,  in this email written by Matthew Randazzo, Vice President of Olympic Animal Sanctuary, keep these dogs imprisoned for another year, inside that metal building that has no heat or air?

In our opinion, Mr. Randazzo used his his position as Aid to the Washington State Lands Chief, as a tool to bully the Forks City Mayor, even threatening with not allowing the "issue" (dogs being neglected) to interfere with "mutual political goals".

Did Steve Markwell's political support and campaigning activities for Washington State Congressman, Derek Kilmer.........

.........have anything to do with Steve Markwell not being charged with animal cruelty and getting away with allowing dogs to live like this?