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Steve Markwell founded in 2007, the Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS).  A dilapidated, unheated warehouse in Forks, Washington where more than a hundred dogs were kept under the guise of being a sanctuary for dangerous dogs. The dogs were sporadically fed, had infrequent access to clean water, and many lived stacked in travel crates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thousands of people demanded an end to the unnecessary suffering of the dogs at OAS, and on December 28th, 2013, the OAS dogs were signed over to Guardians of Rescue in Golden Valley, Arizona. OAS was dissolved, and Guardians of Rescue got busy triaging the dogs to assess their medical and behavioral needs. The dogs show substantive evidence of the neglect they endured at OAS. Chronic malnutrition, muscle atrophy from lack of movement, scarring, broken teeth, retinal damage from poor nutrition, infection, and head trauma. 4 of the dogs had to be hospitalized upon arrival. Dr. Winn, the veterinarian at Black Rock Mountain VCA Hospital, estimated 1 of the dogs had not eaten in 2 months and was hospitalized for nearly 3 months. Under the diligent care and continuous support of Guardians of Rescue and Rescue Unwanted Furry Friends Foundation (RUFFF), the dogs have come back to life with proper nutrition, rehabilitative care, and Arizona sunshine. Now they’re the OASIS dogs. 501c3 rescues around the country have rallied together to give the OASIS dogs a lifetime of care and the support they’ll need to be the healthy, happy dogs they’ve always deserved to be. Lionel’s Legacy, Gentle Giants NJ, Valhalla Rescue, Wags to Riches, Animal Aid & Rescue Foundation, Academy of Canine Behavior, Safe Haven Rescue Kennel are just a few of the rescues who have stepped forward to adopt an OASIS dog. We salute every person who cared about about these dogs. From writing letters to city officials demanding action to donating money to protesting in front of the warehouse to sharing the plight of the dogs with friends and family, saving the OAS dogs took a village.

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Since the dogs are no longer at Olympic Animal Sanctuary the Facebook: OAS - Life inside the sanctuary has been closed down

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